Sunny Day in Hell

February 29, 2020:   Happy Leap year! I always thought this was Sadie Hawkins day, but a little research here set me straight (so to speak :-)). It is instead the day of St. Bridget's Complaint, which granted women permission to propose marriage. Don't think a woman should have to have permission, but that's not for me to say... Anyway, here are a few pics from the last couple of years for your viewing pleasure.


Kauai Acacias






Feisty Lady






Hanging Whites




My first camera was a Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic 35mm. It got stolen years ago. Last year, I found an Asahi Pentax Spotmatic (the Japanese version) on Ebay. It needs light seals, but takes a pretty nice picture. The only problem may be that you can't get the 1.35 volt Mercury batteries any longer. There is an engineering solution to that, but not sure I'll ever find anyone who can actually do it :-&. Still, I can always use an external light meter...




The photos below were taken in my Sister's back yard at the wake after my Dad's funeral. While taken with my camera, I can't claimt them as mine. They were taken by one of my nieces, Sara Corujo or MacKenzie Haugland. Can't remember which one. (CRS syndrome) Good job ladies!!



Garden Rocks      Summer lights



October 24, 2017:   It's been a while since I last posted here. Sigh...Just too much going on to also work a blog, I guess... Last month we went on yet another Big Vacation. Took me until now to process the photos and a couple of them taken at Land's End in Cornwall instantly stood out to me. Here they are!

Cornwall 1





Cornwall 2










Front Hall, Colorado CH

May 21, 2014:   These come from the Colorado County Courthouse. It's beautifully redone and photographs well. Unfortunately, the Texas Historical Commission (or whichever Commission makes the rules) apparently won't let them put vending machines back into the basement. Why? Don't know. They certainly were there from, probably, the 30s or 40s onward. Ah well, could be worse, I guess.



Upstairs view of District Courtroom







Jury Box, County Court






Window Lock













Wharton County Flags

May 19, 2014:   I took this back in November at the Wharton County Courthouse. I've used a different version for the business website (Harle & Scheff, PLLC). But today, I was in Colorado County. Their historic Courthouse is finally open for business again (see above). But on the way back from Columbus, I was thinking about this photo and thought 'hmmm...what about using selective color?' It's something that can be overdone really easily, but I thought that the flags popping out might look pretty cool. I, of course, think I was right. As we're coming up on the Memorial Day weekend, I thought this would be appropriate for display.






Silver Sliver

January 11, 2014:   Sitting around the house before getting ready to go to a funeral, a photo I did back in 2011 popped up on the screensaver. I used to like it, but now, all of a sudden I thought it looked harsh and that I could make it better. So off to 2011 photo folder I went. And when I got there, I found this one. I'd forgotten I'd taken it and I really liked how it turned out. When taken, I didn't have Silver Efex, so I couldn't make a proper black and white out of it. Now I can. I may not like it a month from now, but today? Awright!









Trinity River at Sunset, Nov. '13

January 9, 2014:  My how time flies! 2013 just zoomed past and not too many pictures got snapped. These photos were taken in November as I returned from a trip to East Texas. I was on Highway 19 and came to the Trinity River just north of Huntsville. I stopped and walked out on the bridge to take these photos. This first is a view looking north. It was close to sunset and the light was really nice. Can't quite remember if it was before or after sunset, but I think before. The leaves were just beginning to turn and the water really shimmered. I think this is still part of Lake Livingston, which explains why the river looks so large here.


Trinity River Swing Bridge

This second photo is the view to the south. The old swing bridge is the reason I stopped. It's a real eyecatcher. I did a little googling and found that back in the old days, steam ships could navigate the River. Some of these boats could navigate to within 50 miles of Dallas! The State Historical Association website calls these boats "packet" boats and I don't believe them to be very large. This bridge was built to allow the boats to pass by on their way upstream. Nowadays, the Livingston dam (and Lake Livingston) stands between the bridge and any possibility of shipping. Guess someone could build a lock if we wanted to try a water route to the north once again. But I don't believe that will happen any time soon. It's a wonderful old bridge which is still in use. I'm surely glad that the rail road hasn't torn it down yet. Hopefully our state will be smart enough to protect it against that possibility.



Sylvan Wood

September 25, 2013:   Our vacation took us to the Main Coast this year. We stayed on Mount Desert Island near Bar Harbor. This was taken near Seal Harbor on the southeastern edge of the island. We were heading to Asticou Gardens and after driving past the harbor, we came upon a quaint little church. The architecture reminded me of old England(correctly or incorrectly, I guess). Just behind the church was this little wooded hillock. I found it completely enchanting. I'm sure the church maintains the site. At least if it was my church, I would want us to. It certainly makes me think of God when I look at it. We just had to stop and memorialize the view.




Seed Pod

April 21, 2013:   Was out mowing on top of the hill last week. Aside from giving myself arthritis in the hand (can you say clipping branches?), I achieved a sense of accomplishment. Didn't get to this area last year. But that may have been a lucky break, as this vine was able to climb into the live oak and bring it's seed pods to fruition. These really caught my eye. I played around with this image and this is how I like it best.




Sunflower Bud

April 18, 2013:   One last shot for today's postings. Another sunflower, but not yet blooming. It would look better if I was a more creative writer. Then I'd have more text to wrap around these photos...






By March, the sunflowers were coming up under the bird feader. This was taken one bright sunny morning (appropriate for a sunflower, no?). Sometimes even my macro shots focus properly :-)






Blue Sky

February, 2013: One of those gloriously sunny mornings where there are thin, wispy clouds in the sky. The stump is the remains of one of the pines which succumbed to the drought in 2011. I loved the texture that the wormholes made in the pine and took several pictures of it. Some were more interesting than others...




January, 2013: I don't have anything particular to say on this page. It's just here to take up space on the web. I thought I might exhibit a few of my latest photos. This first shot was taken in January after what little frost we had this winter withered the tabasco chiles left on my bush. I really love the drained out look I was able to achieve. It reminds me of winter.